1. SLANE Motor (also named Wuxi JieTong) is TOP 5 Chinese manufacture of electric motorcycle, electric scooter, e bike, e trike since the year 2002. Owning 4 factories in China city of Wuxi, Tianjin, and Dongguan. The headquarters is in Wuxi city, just 100km far from Shanghai and 30 minutes by fast train.
The annual production ability is 1,000,000 (1 million) units, with more than 1000 dealer agents in China.


With the export brand NEO and EV-33, SLANE Motor (Wuxi JieTong is fast growing in worldwide market recently!

2. Based on the philosophy of High quality, Low cost, EV-33 NEO electric motorcycle scooter not only focus on cost, but we also stick on QCQuality Control in each production process.

Our factory meets ISO 9000 quality standard.


We have WMI (frame 17 digits world Manufacture Identity Number)


Click the video to find 300000 times frame vibration test !!!

3. Some of our models electric scooter with EEC EURO4, EURO5 certificate homologation L1e-B.


(Find product link here …..)

4. OEM production and label your logo is acceptable.

Our strategy is ‘to be your reliable & trustable factory in China’.

Any ODM,OEM cooperation will be welcomed by SLANE Motor (Wuxi Jietong, EV-33, NEO)

More than 100 colors available!


(Learn more about our OEM service……)

5. Wow! So many scooters.

Visit our warehouse online. Annual production more than 1,000,000 units! Warranty your delivery and production!

6. Our team keeps the promise to provide all distributors a

Trustable & Professional Service.

Looking forwarder to worldwide agent or partner!


Please send us inquire to Mr.Peter Zou, export manager.

Email: champ33@126.com

Whatsapp: 0086 -15000852413

Wechat: 610672217

Mobile: 0086 -131 2235 8895

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